Beating the market is hard.

But without the right Financial Services Talent

It's almost impossible

Looking for championship-caliber financial services talent? Or...looking for a firm that won't hold you back with a confidential search on your behalf, book a call.

It just might be the most profitable conversation you've had in a long while.

My name is Patrick Long, founder of Provision People.

It's an established fact that 20% of senior associates produce 80% of results.

In a roaring economy that's acceptable, but when the market turns bearish, underperforming advisors get exposed quickly.

It's those that can build consistently build capital for their clients in one of the most turbulent markets we've seen in a generation, that will thrive when their competitors are running scared.

Provision People's promise to our clients is simple:

As a direct conduit to championship-caliber talent who ignores recruiters and avoids job boards like the plague, we will move mountains to turn that 20% into your 100%.

...and guarantee them for up to a full year.

Trusted By

Lauren Fine | Managing Director | Gries Financial Partners

"Patrick has helped our firm successfully recruit several client advisors. He takes the time to understand what skills we need, the culture of our firm, and has been tireless in presenting candidates. He is responsive and a pleasure to work with."

Eugenio Revilla | Vice President | Canacintra

"I recently had the privilege and professional pleasure of working with Patrick Long in a project involving Bi-national focus. I highly recommend him as an expert in his field, a very reliable, assertive, hands-on and great business partner. Looking forward to working with him on future projects."